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News 28 2021_Laiyuan
18 Oct: Biggest training center in China, Laiyuan gets youth ski-jumps with ice in-run tracks: K18, K37, and K68

New youth and junior ski-jumping hills in Laiyuan, China. Completely new ski-jumping hills K18, K37 and K68 were built in…

News 23 2020 Laiyuan_K90_K120
03 Oct: The biggest training centre in China, Laiyuan, K120 and K90 ice track and landing area

Laiyuan, China with same almost the same scope of delivery as OWG 2022. We had to equip in-run area and…

News 22 2020_OWG Beijing_K90_K120
29 Sep: Zhangjiakou, China, OWG project, K120 and K90 – the biggest scope of delivery for TopSpeed/Mana

Whilst one of our teams was in the USA, the second team was held in quarantine in China. Their goal…

News 17 beidahu
15 Nov: Second and third ice-track in China, Beidahu, K50 and K90 hills

The coldest installation so far for TopSpeed team in China, Beidahu on K50 and K90 hill. A remote location with…

News 16 2019_Shougang_Big Air snow nets
30 Sep: Our system can also be used for big air venues

Our TopSpeed China team does not sleep, and they have managed to agree on terms for a new project. It…

News 13 2019_Yabuli_K90
19 Jul: First ice track in China – Yabuli K90 hill

China got its first TopSpeed ice in-run track in Yabuli on a K90 hill. It was the first time for…