Through years, we have been keeping a close eye on the ever-changing and developing needs of ski jumping facilities, and we are currently the only company that can, in cooperation with our partners, offer every imaginable ski jumping hill system.

TopSpeed® services and systems include the most advanced technological solutions for ski jumps, covering the entire range of the in-run area as well as a wide range of landing area products. Our international team of experts will leave no questions unanswered and no problem unsolved.

Ski jumps
Installed lenght of in-run tracks (meters)
Hanawa project

Without Mana/TopSpeed team’s support, we would not be able to come this far, which we truly appreciate.

Lenni Walters
Pine Mountain project

Thanks again!

Kerry Sun
Yabuli project

TopSpeed® team has visited Yabuli. They have turned the ruined ski-jumping hill into a usable sports facility. Great job!”


Contact us with basic information, such as who are you, what are you interested in, and which center needs our solutions. We will take it from there, ask you a few more questions, set a meeting, come to a basic understanding of your facility’s status and your needs. It is much easier to step into consultation phase and let you know what solutions we offer after understanding your needs and capabilities in full.
Technology is rapidly changing, and solutions might differ from what you think is current state-of-the-art. Thus, is always wise to consult with our team of experts about what is possible to find the best price-performance solution for your ski-jumping hill. After this phase you will fully understand, what needs to be done and have a budget assessment.

Design is one of the biggest challenges during the hole process and can make a huge difference in later phases of project. There are plenty of topic that need to be addressed and carefully designed to meet our client’s needs and be cost effective. When reconstructing the existing base construction is the key limitation factor.

In case of new build, a ski-jumping hill must be well placed into environment. In both cases all FIS norms for building ski-jumping hills must be met.

The design process requires lots of coordination between all participants and TopSpeed’s® team of experts with their extensive experience is right partner for your project. By the end of this phase you will have plans and all workshop drawings necessary to build or renovate ski-jumping hill.


Reliable supply chain, efficient inventory management and production management are key steps that ensure the shortest possible delivery time and a high level of production quality. The error-free manufacturing process allows for quick and efficient installation process.

Nowadays, we are paying more and more attention to the environment, and we expect the same from our suppliers. TopSpeed® company has reliable suppliers and experienced employees who can meet the above requirements. We can offer the best lead times in the field. Our clients are welcome to visit our production site and check the progress or get frequent production reports.

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Trainings & Support

The transfer of knowledge in the field of ski jump hill management and ice in-run track preparation is one of the most important steps, as only a good knowledge and understanding of the system of local operator ensures quality hill preparation long after installation.

TopSpeed’s® team is always available to prepare the ski jump regardless of the level of competition. We can provide help as a main team, as a back-up team, or as supervisors to local team. Having us at your site reduces possibility of mistakes and response time in worst case scenarios.

Maintenance & Services

Regular maintenance of all devices in the ski-jumping hill system is crucial for a long lifetime. TopSpeed’s® maintenance team is trained to perform regular annual services despite its busy schedule. Our priority is the shortest possible response time in case of unexpected failures.

We would suggest all users of our equipment to make a maintenance schedule and book our maintenance team on time. Well maintained equipment will last longer and local operators will have better results.