First ice-track in USA, Lake Placid K120 and K90 – two time Winter Olympic Games host

With gained experience from Kandersteg, we were confident enough to take over the design and renovation of the ski-jumping centre in Lake Placid USA, K120 and K90.

Two-time Olympic Winter Games hosts were chosen to host Universiade 2023 and decided to renovate an outdated K120 and K90 hills. Our design team worked on a ski-jump profile and technical design for a complete renovation.

New outside guardrails were installed, new starting gates, in-run track, in-run lights, TopSpeed illumination system, stairs, winch, cover, FIS safety area, inside guardrails, cooling aggregate, cutting machine, starting ramps and snow preparation equipment was delivered.

Since the work on outside guardrails was done on towers, high in the sky, we used our new rope access team to work alongside with our team. We hit it off very well and are looking forward to new joined projects.

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