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News 18 _Zakopane_K95_K64_K37_K24_K14
11 May: Installation of in-run tack in Zakopane, Poland

The Zakopane project in Poland is coming to an end. The construction company finally finished the work on K14, K24,…

News 11 2018_Szczyrk_K90
01 Nov: Szczyrk, Poland a new ice track for K70

As it happened before, Polish ski-jumping centre in Szczyrk decided to renovate and in-run on K70 at the end of…

News 18 _Zakopane_K95_K64_K37_K24_K14
21 Dec: Ski-jumping center in Zakopane, Poland got a new in-run tracks, ice and ceramic tracks

TopSpeed’s biggest delivery to Poland so far. In Zakopane we delivered TopSpeed ceramic and ice in-run tracks for K14, K24,…

News 11 2018_Szczyrk_K90
10 Oct: New ice track for K90 hill in Szczyrk, Poland

Szczyrk, Poland is a town with a beautiful ski-jumping center. They decided to upgrade the in-run track on K90 hill…

News 5 2017_Wisla_K125
05 Oct: Wisla, Poland has a new ice in-run track on K125 hill

After meeting Adam Malysz at a FIS conference in Portorož, Slovenia, we became a candidate to renovate an in-run track…