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28 Jun: Einsiedeln, Switzerland has four new in-run tracks: K28, K45, K70, and K105

Renovation of ski-jumping centre in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. After 16 years of using TopSpeed’s / Mana Original’s first edition ceramic in-run…

News 18 _Zakopane_K95_K64_K37_K24_K14
21 Dec: Ski-jumping center in Zakopane, Poland got a new in-run tracks, ice and ceramic tracks

TopSpeed’s biggest delivery to Poland so far. In Zakopane we delivered TopSpeed ceramic and ice in-run tracks for K14, K24,…

News 15 2019_St. Petersburg_K10_K20
08 Sep: First ceramic in-run track in Russia, St. Petersburg, K10 and K20

Our new partner from Russia managed to secure a new project in St. Petersburg, K10 & K20. We delivered TopSpeed…

News 11 2018_Szczyrk_K90
10 Oct: New ice track for K90 hill in Szczyrk, Poland

Szczyrk, Poland is a town with a beautiful ski-jumping center. They decided to upgrade the in-run track on K90 hill…

News 9 2018_Tarvisio_K85
17 Jul: Tarvisio K25 has a new ceramic track

Just a few minutes drive from the biggest Slovenian ski-jumping centre, Planica, is a smaller ski-jumping centre in Italy, Travisio….

22 Aug: Delnice, Croatia has two new ceramic tracks.

A project agreed a long time ago finally came to life. In Croatian town Delnice, local club decided to renovate…

News 8 2018_Mislinja_K85
28 Jun: Mislinja, Slovenia has a new ceramic track on K85

Slovenian clubs are not resting, and we had another home project in Mislinja, Slovenia. A K85 hill got renovated and…