Many thanks to all that cooperated with us in the most successful year

The year 2016 is ending and we can proudly say that it has been the best year so far. We successfully installed 6 ice in-run tracks and 2 ceramic in-run tracks, so in total there were 8 in-run tracks completed in one year, the year 2016. We successfully presented our innovative illumination system in the project in Engelberg/Switzerland and installed yet another illumination system in Tehvandi/Otepää/Estonia. The year 2016 was also special, since we managed to install the first ice in-run track in Slovenia in the Ljubno ski-jumping centre, where FIS World Cup Ladies is taking place. There is one more thing that makes this year so special: we also successfully installed the ice in-run track on a ski-flying hill in Oberstdorf/Germany. This is the first ski-flying hill with our ice in-run track.

At this opportunity, the MANA Team would like to say thank you to all people involved in our company’s success. We could not do it without you!