March 29, 2017

The World Championship in Lahti was excellent

The World Championship was organised in Lahti for the historical seventh time. With 61 countries, a new world record was set by the highest number of countries participating at a sport event. Ski-jumping and Nordic-combined competitors were jumping on a renovated ski-jumping hills with TopSpeed® in-run track. This was the […]
March 1, 2017

World Cup for ladies in Ljubno

World Cup for ladies in Ljubno is the best sport event in many views. In the past few years, it hosted the most viewers and from this year on, it is also equipped with the best in-run track system – TopSpeed®. The municipality and sponsors have gathered enough financial resources […]
February 25, 2017

First flying hill with TOPSPEED® in-run track used in world cup event

Shortly after finishing the installation of the in-run track in Oberstdorf, the World Cup event for men took place. The new drainage system worked perfectly, investors were satisfied with our work, and end users were satisfied as the system is easy to use and very practical. The in-run track was […]
December 23, 2016

Many thanks to all that cooperated with us in the most successful year

The year 2016 is ending and we can proudly say that it has been the best year so far. We successfully installed 6 ice in-run tracks and 2 ceramic in-run tracks, so in total there were 8 in-run tracks completed in one year, the year 2016. We successfully presented our […]
December 12, 2016

Project in Oberstdorf/Germany is successfully finished

With some minor delay, we have started with the installation project in Oberstdorf/Germany and we successfully finished it before Christmas 2016. It is our first in-run track on a flying hill with a few innovations. The system is meant to be used only in the wintertime. We have used super-efficient […]