MANA Original d.o.o. is family company established in the year 1999. Peter Tomazin, innovator and big fan of ski jumping developed, as a result of searching for solutions, an idea about more simple, high quality and cost efficient product of whole year in-run ceramic track. For the manufacture of composite elements he established collaboration exclusively with Slovenian companies, with the majority of them we still work with. One of the first ski-jump centres equipped with MANA ceramic in-run track of the medium ski-jump in Velenje (Slovenia), where in the past years traditionally ICC competition at the beginning of yearly season has been performed, thus enabling the product »MANA ceramic in-run track« to be officially tested and internationally recognized product. We received more and more frequently requests for the product from abroad, resulting in equipping several ski jump centres in Europe where World Cup competitions are performed. Zakopane (POL), Einsiedeln (CH), Liberec (CZ), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER), Fox River Grove IL (USA) are some of the centres equipped by our product of ceramic ski-track. The advantages of MANA ski-track are: high quality of materials applied in manufacture, simple mounting and operation, and excellent sliding enabling all ski jumpers equal competition conditions. FIS international organization, due to mild winters, started to look after solutions that would enable, despite inconvenient weather conditions and inadequate preparation of in-run track, performance of competition on ceramic ski track. FIS accepted the proposal subject to, however, organisers of competition use the ceramic in-run track only in cases when competition could not have been performed on snow grounding. After all, ski jumping is winter sport hence, organisers, FIS, as well as ski jumpers aim to slide grounding remain to be snowed. An optional solution exists in artificial freezing of the whole in-rung track by means of cooling system, similar to skating-ground.
about_1 Such a solution is relatively efficient, although, cowering with snow in such a way would seek for extreme physical efforts of workers, on one hand, and high costs of electricity required for cooling such large snow surfaces for whole winter season, on the other hand. Two years of research thinking and one year of testing were sufficient for Peter Tomazin to succeed developing an innovation, again, this time called »MANA ice-ceramic in-run track«. The product »two-in-one« combines use of ceramic sliding ground over summer season and simple preparation of snowed conditions during winter season. MANA ice-ceramic in-run track is from the point of view of the idea and innovation finished product that ensures all ski jumpers in simple way, year around, equal competition conditions in all weathers.
The prototype of the new ice-ceramic in-run track has been for the first time officially tested in Slovenia on November 13, 2009.
· Smučarska zveza Slovenija | article the next one, fully equipped by MANA ice-ceramic in-run track was modern ski jump centre in Erzurum, Turkey – the arena of Winter Universiade 2011. All the planned contests have been successfully performed on MANA ice-ceramic in-run tracks and MANA Original d.o.o. Company received but positive critics from the side of ski jumpers, organisers as well as FIS Organisation. Even though the concept of our products MANA ceramic in-run track and MANA ice-ceramic in-run track being supreme, within the company we constantly aspire to additional improvements and innovations that would contribute to technical development of equipping ski-jumps, and consequently to development of ski-jumping in the future.