Integrated ice-ceramic in-run track’s TopSpeed® features: innovative design, cooled edges, direct cooling of snow, low energy consumption, constant snow temperature, easy to use and maintain, durable, millimeter precise assembly in alignment and height, low operating and maintenance costs…


Ceramic in-run track’s TopSpeed® features: wear-resistant ceramic knobs, millimeter precise assembly in alignment and height, small variance in ski jumpers’ speed, sprinkling system, significant pre-fabrication of in-run track with short installation time, own engineering planning according to the latest FIS building regulations, post-installation technical service available…


Besides our in-run track we also offer: leveling system for in-run track, covering system, ice mill/tiller, ironing device for better preparation of snow channels, rubber protection beside in-run track, winch, cooling aggregate, technical assistance, track preparation team, maintenance of in-run track and accessories…

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